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Birka (Björko island, west of Stockholm) – this is one of Sweden’s first real towns, and a worthwhile visit for those interested in Viking history (a daytrip must be organized to go there). During Viking times, Birka on the island of Björkö in Lake Mälaren, was the central hub and the most important marketplace in […]


About Sweden

  The Kingdom of Sweden, like its neighbors Denmark and Norway, is best remembered by historians for its status as the one-time legendary home of Scandinavia’s Vikings (going as far back as the 8th century AD). From that time until approximately the 11th century, the seafaring Vikings voyaged into other parts of Europe (from UK […]



Ambassadeur (Kungsgatan 18, Stockholm) – this nightclub, which has minimalist interior décor, is actually several clubs within the same location. The largest part of the club is Ambassadeur White — where they play vocal house. Ambassadeur Black focuses on R&B and soul. Ambassadeur Gold’s theme is feel-good retro, with pop hits from the 70s, 80s, […]


Boat Sightseeing with Strömma

Boat Sightseeing with Strömma (Stockholm) – one option to see more of Stockholm is by boat (with tours offered by various companies). Under the Bridges of Stockholm, Royal Canal Tour and the early Good Morning Stockholm Tour concentrate on central Stockholm and take from 50 minutes to 2½ hours. The Good Morning tour is given […]



D.O.C. (Karlavägen 28, Stockholm) – this pricey restaurant is considered the best Italian restaurant in Stockholm. Diners who have eaten here recommend the olive-fried back of lamb with garlic cream, as well as its other Tuscan dishes. It also has one of northern Europe’s best stocked Italian wine cellar and an extensive selection of first […]


Bromma Blocks

Bromma Blocks (Ulvsundavägen 185–193, Bromma) – just a 15 minute drive outsde of Stockholm, this shopping center has about 80 stores and several restaurants & coffee shops. The retailers here include Bang & Olufsen, Ecco, H&M, The Body Shop, and many others.